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Marble Fingers #2

As you may remember just before we broke up for Christmas a gentleman came to the workshop with a statue of a little girl that had been in a bit of an accident. At some point she had fallen forward and broken off her fingers.

Here she is after a good deep clean to get rid of years of built up dirt. As you can see she's fingerless, the dark patches on her hands are were someone has tried to glue the fingers back on but failed. Over time the fingers have gone missing except for four. I drilled and pinned the fingers and used a specialist stone glue to graft them back on. Then the hard part came! I had to find some suitable marble to make some replacement fingers.

Above are the only fingers left (they look creepy don't they) which is such a shame. Below

is a picture of the old fingers back on and two new replacement fingers.

Here is one of the new fingers being shaped and ready to graft on, they are quite difficult to make due to them being so small.

Both hands finished and complete, its not the best match of stone but it was the best we could find. It's very hard to match stone due to it being a natural product. The main thing the customer wanted was some new fingers and thats what he got and was delighted with the results.

We do all kinds of stone repairs so if you have any damaged stone work please give us a try and we can have a go at repairing it.

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