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Marble Fingers

Hope you're all enjoying the festive period, we definetly are. Just before we broke up for Christmas a gentleman came to our workshop with a lovely antique white marble statue of a little girl. I think she is Italian by looking at the clothes she wears. I'd love to find out who she was and the history. At some point this statue has had a bit of an accident and fallen forward, the result was she broke her fingers off! This is such a crying shame because the detail is stunning. The new owner handed me an envelope with five tiny little marble fingers and are the only ones that came with the statue and we are hoping to re-attach these.

We've made a start on her and given her a deep clean as there was decades of dust and dirt that had built up. We used a specialist marble cleaner and the results were amazing. We have also sourced some marble to make some replacement fingers for her.

Here she is after a good deep clean, I think you'll agree she's very pretty and very detailed. What a shame its been damaged in this way.

Please look out for a future blog on the progress.

Wishing you all the best for 2017

Chris Swales

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