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A Yorkshire rose repairs a fireplace

Your probably thinking how can a Yorkshire rose repair a fireplace? Well i'm about to tell you.

We had a customer come to us about a problem with their Inglenook fireplace. The Problem was a bowl shaped hole in the top right hand corner of the stone work, which was probably taken out to house part of the stove or some sort of cooking implement.

An 'Inglenook' is a small recess that adjoins a fireplace. The word is formed with Ingle, meaning "fireplace" in Old English and Nook meaning a corner or recess.

My customer asked if it could be filled with some stone as it looked unsightly, we soon came to the agreement that a carved Yorkshire rose would be more fitting.

I went and sourced some stone to do the job and made up a design.

The Yorkshire rose is now carved out, now its time to cut all the excess stone off to make it round so it will fit in the hole on the fireplace.

I have made the rose round and the underneith bowl shaped to fit flush with the stone work on the fireplace. I then offered it up to the space that needs filling so i can trim to shape for a perfect fit.

The rose is all fitted and pointed up and while I was on with the pointing I touched up any missing pointing to finish the job off.

So there you go, this is how a Yorkshire rose repaired a fireplace!

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