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Bracken Ghyll Golf Club

Today Wednesday October 19th 2016 I completed the carving on the huge lump of Yorkshire stone up at Bracken Ghyll Golf Club, Addingham, West Yorkshire.

This Stone is around 4ft x 3ft in size and will be going on the footpath going up to the first hole on the golf course. The weather slowed down the job in hand especially yesterday (Tuesday) but I managed to get the stone clayed up (we use a watery clay on the surface of the stone to help protect it when we paint the letters.) and marked out between showers.

One damp marked up stone ready to be carved. I left this for the day due to the rain, so we covered it up for the night to protect it.

Here I am this morning hard at it trying to get these 24 3 inch letters carved by mid afternoon so I have time to paint them and clean them up before the school run.

By 13:00 pm I had finished the carving and started to paint in the letters so they could start drying before I had some dinner that Mrs Swales in the Dales had lovingly prepared for me.

This huge stone is now painted and cleaned up.

What do you all think?

Why don't you tell us by comment on this blog!

Keep checking back to to see this huge stone in place.

Thank you for reading

Chris Swales

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