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A repair to a crack in a mantle.

Today 27th September we set off up to Skyreholme in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales to a customer who had a crack in their mantle piece. The customers are wanting to sell their house and wanted this crack repairing.

We used a specialist stonemasons glue to fill the crack and let it go hard. Once it had gone off we could then tool up the area to match the existing marks and blend back in.

As you can see the new fixed area now blends in with the existing area.

But! Its a bit lighter than the area both sides of the repair. To fix this we took some soot out of the stove and crushed up some coal to make a natural dye. This was painted on the repair area then brushed out to give the effect of years of built up soot and smoke. Our customer was delighted with the repair.

If you have any damaged stone work, whether its been done by accident or weather damage then please get in touch and we can help you get it sorted or give you some advise.

Office :- 01535 634781

Mobile :- 07864991286

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