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Making A Replacement Mullion.

One of this weeks jobs was to make a replacement mullion for a customers window.

As you can see, this mullion has seen better days and it also has a hairline crack.

We needed to replace this for structural issues and also because the customer was having new windows fitted. With the customers house being a Grade II listed building, we need to keep within traditional methods in keeping with the building.

Here is the big lump of millstone grit, which was locally sourced from a local quarry which was perfect as it will be as near match as possible.

One side is formed using a selection of chisels and a nylon mallet. The moon shaped marks that you can see are to help key the mullion once it is installed.

Here i am using a half inch punch to texture the surface of the mullion to give it an aged look.

Well it fits and now my customers can have their new windows fitted. The new mullion looks really good and in keeping with its partner. The customer was over the moon with the job and said it was a credit to us.

If you need any heritage masonry work doing, please consider Swales in the Dales. We are a friendly, family run business situated in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

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