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Installing the new monolith stones at Tarn Moor Woodland Memorial ground.

Tuesday morning March 14th 2017 at the Tarn Moor Woodland Memorial Ground, we heard the hooting of airhorns on Stewart Normingtons articulated wagon. I quickly went down the track to meet him at the entrance as he was backing in off a single track lane at a 90 degree angle onto the track. Stewart had a full load of nearly 46 tons and it was a difficult task getting in, but he managed it surprisingly well under the conditions.

The next task was to get the 34 ton crane from Chris Wrights Baildon set up so that the huge stones could be lifted and set up on the concrete base. There are three stones weighing in at 6.3 tons, 7.8 tons and a whooping 8.6 tones!!!

The weather was picking up and looking like it would be a good day, the dryer the better.

At 12:15 pm the crane driver started to lift these monsterous stones off the wagon and over the hedge to the awaiting concrete base.

The first stone was the biggest and most difficult one to move due to the shape but we managed to get it down. The next job was to get it to stand up (easier said than done) on the edge of the base.

With a whole lot of straps and will power we managed to get it to stand up just where I wanted it. Then it was the job to get the other two over which was easy enough as we just strapped them and lifted them into position stood up.

Without the skills of the crane driver i dont think we would of managed it.

Dont they look magnificent!

These stones are now ready to be carved with the names of people that have passed away, who are buried or ashes have been scattered here as a lasting tribute to their lives. Each stone will have going on 100 names on them! If your on the way to Grassington from Skipton keep an eye out, the memorial ground is situated behind the Craven Heifer.

You might even see me carving away!!

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