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Revisiting the stone I carved at Mother Shiptons Cave Knearsbrough

Today Sunday 23rd October 2016 me and my family went back to Mother Shiptons Cave to revisit the stone I carved back in July. It was a chilly and very autumnal day with all the leaves on the trees turning colours of red and gold. On arrival we went up to were the stone had been placed, which is just above the main car park to meet owner Fiona Martin who was in fancy dress with it being so near to Halloween. The stone had been placed into the ground on a slight angle to give an aged sunken look.

How eerie would the stone look at night! What do you all think? Visitors have been getting their pictures taken stood by the stone with its humorous phrase and why not it's there to be enjoyed.

If your stuck for something to do on a weekend why not take a trip to Knaresborough and Mother Shiptons Cave! It's such a fascinating place and the kids will love it.

You could have a family photo next to our stone and share it with us!

Isn't knearsbrough a beautiful place! Hope you liked reading my blog.

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