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Our first stone carving class

Today 15th October 2016 I started our first carving lesson with my friend Laura. This lesson would teach the students how to hand carve letters and numbers in to stone. Each student would have a practice session in the morning and in the afternoon carve a stone in which they can take home. We had three students all very nervous as they had never carved a letter before. We were nervous as well (I haven't taught for a few years and Laura hasn't taught at all.) but we pulled together and gave it our best shot. Our students arrived at 9:30 am and we got the kettle on so we could all have a quick chat and get to know each other, I then did a bit of a talk and a small demonstration on the process of letter carving.

Marking up my demonstration stone

Marking up my demonstration stone.

Once I had finished my demonstration, our students went to their work station to begin the practise session, at their station they had everything they needed to start carving letters. Within five minutes we started to hear the tap tap of the students dummy hammers striking the head of their chisels. There was a good atmosphere with chatting and laughter which is what we were hoping for.

I hate being watched ha ha

Laura giving a few pointers to another student

Two of our students marking up their stones

My friend Laura giving a small demonstration to the students.

After an hour confidence was building and the students were happily carving away. By 11:30 everyone felt like they could start the stone they were taking home, so before dinner all stones had been clayed up and marked out ready to be carve.

Once back after dinner work commenced on carving the take home stones, the workshop was still filled with chatting and laughter with some really good work being produced. We found it very rewarding to see how well the carvings were coming along especially as only a few hours ago a couple of students had never even picked up a chisel before! Soon their stones had been carved and ready for painting then cleaned up.

A student cleaning up the house number he has just finished which will be in pride place in his house wall.

There you have it three happy students with some stunning carved work. They now know the basics and with a bit more practise their skills will improve.

They enjoyed it that much they are wanting to book to come on the next course which is fantastic news.

If you fancy having a go, get in touch for dates.

01535 634781 / 07864991286

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