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House Name Plaque

Today we have finished a lovely little house name plaque for a customer in Lancashire.

We first made the design for the customer and with their approval we drew it onto the selected piece of Yorkshire stone, which we sourced from a stone yard in Cullingworth, West Yorkshire.

Once our customer was completely happy with the stone and the design, we commenced with the task of hand carving the design. We started off with the Lancashire rose, which was quite a task due to it being quite detailed and very close together. You never know how a stone will be with it being a natural product, but today this piece behaved.

Once the rose was completed we then started on the lettering using the traditional 'V' cut. The 'V' cut is the internal shape of the lettering that the chisels make.

When the lettering was finished the whole stone got a good brush down to get rid of any lose particles, so we could give the lettering two coats of size (adhesive) to stick the gold leaf on at the right time. This is a tricky time and you only have a small window to apply the gold.

As soon as the gold leaf has dried we get rid of any excess so we can paint the Lancashire rose in a bright red.

Well that's it all done, we have added some green to the leaves and also added some gold leaf to the centre to make it stand out!

Let us know what you think and if you would like one doing for yourself get in touch and we will be more than happy to design one for you,

Chris Swales

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