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From our location in Skipton, North Yorkshire our team are happy to undertake any Stone Masonry project throughout Yorkshire and the UK.


We are able to travel nationwide and our specialist services are there for anyone who requires them be it a business or public.

With years of experience as leading stonemasons in Yorkshire we are trusted by a number of clients to maintain and repair historic listed buildings all over the UK. We take extreme care to ensure our work is in keeping with historical design and integrity of the property returning your building back to its former glory.


Our stonemasons are knowledgeable about architecture  styles and designs dating back over the centuries so you can trust that we have the knowledge to repair and refresh the stone work on your building.


We offer a selection of services that can meet all your stone work needs including:-


  • Restoration and Conservation

  • Stone Carving

  • Stone Repair

  • New build Stone Work

  • Property Maintenance


If there is a service you require that is not listed above please let us know of your requirements and one of our specialist team members will contact you directly to discuss possible options.


When working away from home we work longer hours to keep the cost down of the overall project.
(Seasons and neighbours permitting)




Relief designs can transform any structure from a porch to a fireplace. We can carve a simple or a more complex design! 


If you're having a new home or an extension built, why not put your stamp on it with your initials and the year it was built. A finishing touch to your build! 


We hand carve millstones which can be used as a decorative item in your garden or even built into a wall or path. Millstones can also be used to create an interesting house name to go at the front of your property! 

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